Piction Network is creating a new peer to peer digital contents ecosystem. We are disrupting the centralized models of content distribution dominated by extractive intermediaries.

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Our Philosophy

We intend to build an ecosystem where all participants will co-exist for the healthy growth of the digital content market. Equality of opportunity should be guaranteed for many creators through low entry barriers. The final consumer should not go beyond simple purchasing but expand opportunities for the rights and participation as consumers in the content market. In addition, by creating an open market and eliminating unnecessary intermediary operators, content distributors are expected to benefit from the sharing of reasonable revenues.


Token Economy

Piction Network shares all digital contents values which emerges from the networks to all the participants

  • Contents Provider - Can access ancillary support from community and lower the entry barrier
  • User / Support - Actively engage digital contents ecosystem by providing supports for artists
  • Contents Distributor - Joins decentralized open market
Token Economy diagram



Decentralized Digital Contents Platform

Returns full ownership to artists and grants artists freedom to decide on monetization models. Disintermediate intermediaries in the digital contents value chain and allow artists to earn much more from their work. Hasten the payment settlement process so that artists have a consistent income.


Untapped Support from Community

Artists require a stable production cost to eliminate the economic uncertainty in the production of their work. In Piction Network, community members are able to safely support into budding artists using Tokens and receive a cut of the production’s profits.


Greater Ancillary Support for Artists

Through token economic incentives, Piction Network will help artists to leverage the power of the community. When supporters of an artist helps in marketing, translation and outreach beyond Piction Network to overseas markets and when these efforts convert into sales for the artist, these supporters would be rewarded with PXL Tokens.


  • 2018 Q4

    POC(Proof of Concept) test release

    • The POC of Piction Network launched. Core layer of Piction Network, including transactions, reliability of supporter smart contracts, and prevention of attacks will be tested and verified to evaluate the credibility of the ecosystem.
    • The simplest form of the marketplace, where direct content transactions are available, will also be tested.
  • 2019 Q1

    v0.1 alpha version release

    • We will secure content that will be the seeds of the ecosystem and conduct trial sales of the content.
    • Supporter and influencer smart contracts will be released. We will facilitate support content based on the seed content.
    • Piction Network will proceed with ICO and conduct listing on the exchange. The listing will be conducted in the several renowned Korean and overseas exchange markets.
    • Secure seed users through airdrop activities. Planning to enter into a partnership with global major game companies.
  • 2019 Q2

    beta v0.5 version release

    • We intend to expand our ecosystem partnership, which has own unique market scope in each area and a large number of users. We intend to aggressively engage a large number of users who will participate in creators, funding, marketing, and translation in order to ensure that Piction Network operates successfully and successfully.
  • 2019 Q3/Q4

    v1.0 version release

    • Piction Network will launch the full version that enables the entire content creation process, from content registration and supporter recruitment to sales.
    • We plan to concentrate production of secondary creative based on game IP. It is also proven through the experience and history of Battle Comics, which has accumulated 18 million users in Korea.
    • We aim to expand into other regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia.
  • 2020

    Market expansion

    • Ecosystem Expansion Phase, we plan to expand to the digital content market such as short clip movies. Video is the largest market for the type of content that Piction Network is planning, where fairly advanced plans are developed every day.
    • Physical region expansion will be focused on the United States and the EU.
  • 2021

    Market expansion

    • We target expanding to the music market, which is the most popular and beloved content.
    • Physical regional expansion will be focus on other underdeveloped areas such as Latin America and Africa. After 2021, the world becomes the service area of Piction Network.

Foundational Documents